What We Do

Strategies not symptoms
Collaboration not coercion

Peer Support Principles:

* Voluntary
* Non-Judgmental
* Respectful
* Reciprocal/Mutual
* Empathic

Trauma informed peer support focuses on strengths, resilience and self healing that makes sense of survival mechanisms whilst promoting the development of new coping strategies.


Trauma Informed Peer Support:

* Understands impact of trauma
* Responds empathically
* Ensures physical & emotional safety
* Collaborative healing relationships
* Avoids revictimisation & retraumatisation


We learn from one another
We do not fix each other


Peer support sessions focus on topics chosen by members and some session focus on developing coping skills informed by a range of approaches.  Our peer facilitators have achieved **Trauma Informed Peer Support Training and British Isles DBT accredited Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) basic skills training to adapt the skills for the peer support group**.

** Although this is a fabulous addition to psychological therapy, it is not a replacement **


From surviving to thriving